50th Episode Special – Making an Impact in the Community – With Mary Ferrell

50th Episode Special – Making an Impact in the Community – With Mary Ferrell

Children, teenagers, young adults, families – all of them are affected by housing instability to some extent.

To address this problem, Royal Standley invites Mary Ferrell, founder and executive director of Maslow Project to the podcast. In this episode, Mary shares her years of experience in working with homeless people of all age groups, and talks about the various initiatives undertaken by her team at Maslow to help them stabilize their life through education, housing, food and other resources.

You will learn:

  • How Maslow helps the youth establish life goals, work towards them, and navigate through the complexity of various social services
  • Eye-opening statistics about the current situation of homeless people
  • Why education is the key to reducing chronic adult homelessness
  • The severe impact of COVID-19 on homeless people
  • How you can join the Maslow Project in making a huge impact in your community
  • And more!

Join us for this 50th episode special podcast, as we explore ways of enhancing the lives of those around us, because every life matters!

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