Safeguard Your Finances from Scams (Ep. 91)

Safeguard Your Finances from Scams (Ep. 91)

Have you ever gotten a call from your bank or the government asking for money to protect your identity or finances? Or heard about scams like these in the news? How can you prevent yourself from falling prey to these predators?

Royal Standley tackles the pressing issue of identity theft and scams, providing practical tips and real-life scenarios to help listeners safeguard themselves. He highlights the necessity of proactive measures such as secure mail handling and document shredding, while cautioning against deceptive practices like fraudulent urgent calls, and stresses the importance of skepticism and verification.

Royal discusses:

  • Identity theft and scams, what they look and sound like, and who they target
  • Practical steps to help you prevent identity theft
  • How technology is used to protect you but also can be an advantage for the scammers
  • The steps to take if you become a victim of identity theft
  • And more


Connect with Royal Standley:

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