Lessons on Scam Prevention (Ep. 88)

Lessons on Scam Prevention (Ep. 88)

Have you ever had a scam call that sounded legitimate? Maybe had someone you know fall for what seems like an obvious scam? 

In this episode, Royal Standley explores ways to protect oneself from falling victim to scams, such as verifying phone calls and not trusting unfamiliar emails or messages. Royal shares personal experiences and statistics related to fraud, emphasizing the vulnerability of older individuals. 

Royal discusses:

  • How prevalent scams are in an age of technology
  • Some of the most common scams and how to prevent yourself from falling for them
  • Why older individuals are more vulnerable to scams
  • His personal experience with scammers
  • What to do if someone is being scammed
  • And more

Connect with Royal Standley:

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