Effective Strategies for Positive Company Culture with Lisa McClease-Kelly (Ep. 87)

Effective Strategies for Positive Company Culture with Lisa McClease-Kelly (Ep. 87)

Are you looking for inspiration to overcome challenges and establish your own business? 

Interested in how effective strategies can create a values-driven workplace and enhance your leadership skills? The company culture could be the key.

In this episode, Royal Standley speaks with Lisa McClease-Kelly, Co-Owner of Kelly’s Automotive Services, as she opens up about her move to Oregon, the challenges she tackled while building her business, and why values and community support matter deeply. As a business coach, she dives into understanding different personalities and adapting leadership styles when cultivating a culture of gratitude within the workplace.

Lisa shares:

  • The challenges she faced after moving from California to Oregon, both personally and professionally
  • Why Kelly’s Automotive Services prioritize “values” when it comes to their staff in order to achieve a high level of customer loyalty and satisfaction 
  • How she coaches other businesses on culture and communication and connecting with their community
  • How she uses the DiSC style to assess the staff and the organization’s culture 
  • What business leaders of different size corporations can do to start finding more meaning or purpose in their business to impart to their employees
  • How her connection with her community has helped grow her business
  • The role her faith plays in their volunteering efforts, and how can you incorporate similar values into your community involvement
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Lisa McClease-Kelly a business communications coach who believes creating a culture of communication and community are an absolute necessity in business today. She helps her clients to achieve that in their businesses to increase productivity and cut down on turnover. Lisa is a business owner with over 25 team members. She has had great success, won lots of awards, but more importantly, she has made mistakes and learned from them. 

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