Episode 34 – How to Retire During a Global Pandemic

Episode 34 – How to Retire During a Global Pandemic

A lot of people are planning to retire in 2020. Maybe you’re one of them.

In light of COVID-19, would it be better for you to semi-retire, postpone it completely, or go ahead and retire full time?

In this episode, Royal Standley helps you plan for your next move during this global pandemic. He walks you through retirement options and explains how to evaluate your financial situation so you can make a safe and informed retirement decision.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What to consider if you’ve lost your job and you’re trying to decide whether to get a second job or retire
  • Why Royal recommends speaking to a financial advisor before you make a retirement decision
  • Overlooked, but essential, questions to ask when you’re interviewing advisors
  • What to discuss with your advisor if you’ve just entered retirement and then the pandemic hit
  • Two ways that the U.S. federal government will probably deal with its new debt
  • And more!

Tune in as Royal walks you through the process of retiring during a pandemic. 

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