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How To Avoid Becoming An Estate Planning Horror Story (Ep. 73)

Creating an estate plan can be a lot of work, making sure everything is covered and all your assets are doing what you want them to. Not having one is even worse.

In this episode, Royal Standley focuses on estate planning, the tools to build a good estate plan and what happens if you don’t have one. Royal dives into the different pieces of estate planning and how having one can ease the way for future beneficiaries without creating confusion.

Royal discusses:

  • How are assets divided in the absence of an estate plan
  • The estate planning questions you should ask your attorney
  • The information you should update on a regular basis
  • What is the revocable trust and how does it fit within traditional estate planning
  • Things to consider when naming beneficiaries, especially with real estate
  • The importance of having a team of professionals to help with estate planning

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64. The IRA of the Next Generation

The next generation will eventually inherit your IRA. How you prepare your accounts and beneficiaries today will impact the inheritance they will receive.

In this episode, Royal Standley discusses the changes to IRA inheritance. He recounts how the SECURE Act changed IRA inheritance depending on the beneficiary’s age and relation to the deceased. Royal discusses how the IRA will be taxed after you are gone and the differences between a single beneficiary and a charity foundation being named beneficiary.

Royal discusses:

  • Why the government changed IRA inheritance
  • How your relationship to the deceased impacts your inheritance
  • What you will be taxed depending on when you withdraw the inheritance
  • The benefits of naming a charity as the beneficiary

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Episode 53 – How To Avoid 15 Common Financial Planning Mistakes

Sometimes, one small mistake can completely derail your financial plan and stop you from achieving your life goals.

In this episode, Royal Standley goes through a list of 15 common financial planning mistakes that he has encountered in working with clients over the years. Along with discussing the root causes of these mistakes, he also shares tips on how to avoid them, or even fix them if you’ve already committed the mistake.

You will learn:

  • Things that can go wrong while attempting to time the market in the short run
  • The importance of saving early and living well within your means
  • How to plan for the worst-case scenario as part of your risk management
  • Tips to overcome procrastination and take the crucial first step towards financial planning
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn how you can avoid the most common pitfalls while building your financial plan!

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