Exploring The Impact of Boys Town: Advocacy for Juvenile Justice Reform with Aric Johnson (Ep. 84)

Exploring The Impact of Boys Town: Advocacy for Juvenile Justice Reform with Aric Johnson (Ep. 84)

Boys Town has been working with kids and families since 1917, helping individuals involved in the court system to build towards a successful future with the ultimate goal being family reunification.

In this episode, Royal Standley turns the tables to interview his own podcast producer and host, Aric Johnson, President & CEO of AXIS Coaching and Consulting as well as a producer with Proudmouth. Aric shares his experiences working with Boys Town, an organization that provides opportunities for youngsters involved with the court system. 

Aric talks about:

  • The importance of providing at-risk youth with education and extracurricular activities to increase their chances of success
  • How Boys Town creates an enriched environment for individuals and families
  • How he shares his financial knowledge with his family
  • Why teaching young individuals about financial well-being is important for their personal growth

Connect with Aric Johnson:

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About Aric Johnson:

Aric Johnson is extremely passionate about helping others find success and fulfilment in all they do. He has been coaching and mentoring for over 20 years and finds his greatest fulfillment when helping others achieve more. Aric started his own coaching and consulting company in 2015, a second company focused on teaching BRI to advisors and joined ProudMouth as one of their podcast producers.

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