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Adapting To The Changes In Life (Ep. 70)

Adapting To The Changes In Life (Ep. 70)

The world is constantly changing and it’s up to us to adapt. 

In this episode, Royal Standley shares the latest updates in his personal and professional life, recounting how recent events changed the way he focuses on advising clients. Royal talks about the changes he has experienced in addition to his vision and expectations for the future.

Royal discusses:

  • Opening of a new office in Grants Pass
  • The acquisition of Wealth Management of Oregon and expanding their footprint
  • Why the need for retirement planners is greater than before
  • What he is preparing for in 2023
  • The upcoming topics to be explored in Life By Design podcast
  • How changes to the cost of living and housing will impact retirement income needs


Connect with Royal Standley:

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