2023 So Far: Analyzing Common Concerns and Trends (Ep. 78)

2023 So Far: Analyzing Common Concerns and Trends (Ep. 78)

During the first few months of this year, there has been a lot of news causing financial uncertainty and impacting the country’s economy.

Is the rise of the Chinese Yuan something we should be concerned about? What movements are we seeing in the stock and bonds markets? Is it a good idea to invest in precious metals to cope with uncertainty?

In this episode, Royal Standley analyzes the topics that have stood out the most in the first part of the year and those that have also generated panic and uncertainty in the market. Royal talks about the importance of planning and organizing our wealth during advanced ages of life, the current situation of the uncertainty of the US dollar with the rise of the Yuan, and the actuality in the stock and bonds markets.

Royal discusses:

  • Common concerns related to the banking system, currency, and national debt
  • An increase in dementia diagnosis and the need for planning and having conversations about long-term care early on as cognitive decline is a natural part of aging
  • The concern about the potential impact on the US economy if the Yuan were to rise and the US dollar were to fall
  • Why individuals should be cautious when buying precious metals as a way of coping with the currency uncertainty
  • How social media only covers panic in the markets and ignores factors that create stability
  • The current state of the stock and bond markets
  • The importance of having a diversified portfolio
  • And more!

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