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How Financial Advisors Plan Through the Client’s Life Journey (Ep. 77)

How Financial Advisors Plan Through the Client’s Life Journey (Ep. 77)

As you move through life your financial situation changes. Maybe you change careers, start a family or experience a life-changing situation. No matter what happens, a financial advisor can help you stay on track.

In this episode, Royal Standley explores the relationship between advisor and client through the planning process. Royal shares a story to illustrate the process from the first meeting through planning for retirement and eventually bringing in the next generation as the client nears the end of their life.

Royal discusses:

  • The story of how one client came to the company
  • How advisors provide direction for the client’s financial plan based on their wants and needs
  • The next step of planning at the end of the client’s life
  • Why speaking with a financial advisor helps clients turn their ideas into reality
  • And more

Connect with Royal Standley:

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